Ford Flex Years

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Ford FlexThe Ford Flex is a full-sized crossover vehicle that has captured the hearts of America’s driving population. We carry a full line of OEM Ford Flex parts that are exact fit replacement parts for your Flex.

Alternators – the alternator on your Flex keeps the battery charged, and should this part fail, you may lose power to your vehicle. We carry replacement alternators, starters and other electrical parts.

Timing Belts – The timing belts keep all of your engine components moving, and should this belt fail, you can suffer significant engine damage. Replace it as recommended by Ford. We have this belt and other maintenance items.

Shift Knobs – The shift knob can give the interior of your vehicle personality, so while this part rarely wears out, you can replace it and change the look of your interior. We have knobs, consoles and other interior parts.

In addition to OEM Ford parts, we offer expert assistance from our experienced parts staff. They can answer any questions you might have about any of the parts that make up the Flex. Order your new parts today.